Ratio Juris is an international journal of jurisprudence and philosophy of law published by Blackwell Publishing in conjunction with the University of Bologna. It is edited by Enrico Pattaro and Carla Faralli, who in turn are assisted by Silvia Vida.

Blackwell Publishing's home page for Ratio Juris describes the journal in these terms:

Ratio Juris is a leading international journal of philosophy of law and general jurisprudence. It provides a truly international and trans-cultural forum for the communication of philosophical ideas about law and legal questions. Ratio Juris is open to scholars from all backgrounds and traditions, philosophical, political, cultural and linguistic.

Ratio Juris covers classical topics such as: the nature of law; law and morality; justice; rightness and natural law; law and reason; the logic of norms; artificial intelligence and law; law and language; legal obligation; rights validity and the legitimacy of law; the rule of law; legal epistemology; rules and principles; rules and acts; legal reasoning; interpretation; deontic logic and expert systems in law.

Those of us at www.RatioJuris.com have the utmost respect for our jurisprudential and philosophical namesake. We invite you to read that journal. Just remember that we have no connection to the journal, and the journal has no connection to www.RatioJuris.com or to the Jurisdynamics Network.